July 26, 2015

The Symposium in Vienna was an intense experience full of exchange of informations, challenges and surprises. I felt a positive atmosphere where the people were available to share and learn through the differences. 
We were one large group with people coming from all over the world. I participated as a member of the Swiss LEAP Team.
We had the opportunity to experiment many diffrent pratices and exchange in several instances. Knowing each other and establishing relationships between listening, speaking, dancing, feeling, eating together …
During the three days practicing together, I realized an intense motivation of the participants. All people were generously putting themselves available to carry over into unknown territories.
The positive comments and even negative, were expressed in a very enthusiastic and committed way. In most cases our questions were answered with encouraging responses. All this provided an atmosphere of attention, confidence and great freedom.
It was a moment of exchange. Giving and receiving power. Reload. I felt a force inside me and a strong desire to dance and be myself. I felt that there I could do that. The doubts, pain and physical fatigue were metabolized into constructive energy. The boundaries between learning and teaching were integrated into dancing.
I felt a great interest in looking for mates during practice. We were there in a process of discovering and giving the best we could give. When the exercises involve all people at the same time, a large force field was produced.
The shape starting from a feeling. The shape arises from an observation. Speed, dynamics, spirals, lines and curves flowing... A surprising harmony. The bodies were there present. Even if the presence is somehow fugacious. In the risk zone and exhibition, open to the unusual experience.
Below is a text that is reminding me our experiences. In the “The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying” from Sogyal Rinponche, he said that the scientists say nowadays, that the entire universe is nothing but change, activity and process - a totality on flow that is the basis of all things:

"Every subatomic interaction consists of the annihilation of the original particles and the creation of new subatomic particles. The subatomic world is an endless dance of creation and annihilation, of matter turning into energy, and energy becoming mass. Transitional forms sparkle in and out of existence, engendering a reality without end, always recreated”. Gary Zukav, The Dancing Wu Li Masters (New York: Bantam, 1980), p. 197.

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